Frequently Asked Questions

You are not an exception! Everyone has few questions before registration. Here are few of the frequently asked questions which can help our users to understand important things before starting career in Modeling.

You can register yourself as a model and fill out all the details. After registration, you will get a link on your registered e-mail address. You will have to click on the link in the e-mail and complete the registration process. Once all details are filled, It will reach to Freelancer Models Support team. They will verify the same and will make your profile visible on the website which is a online marketplace for Fashion Models where 150+ Directors/ Producers/ Production House visit to your Profile.

First thing required is commitment. There are many models who start their career and give up because they can’t do a single shoot for many weeks. Having the right look and figure are also important but without determination you won’t be able to get succeed. Professionalism is another important factor i.e. If you provide a phone number or email address you should always return contact promptly.

There are different types of modelling and they have different requirements. For example, Catwalk has some specific requirements for dress size, Height etc. You need to be at at least 5 feet 8 Inches to suit to that type and if you are less than that then it will be little difficult for you to do catwalk modelling. As already said, there are different types of modelling so glamour modelling or print modelling are more easier than catwalk if you have height & figure that is in proportion.

There are some key shots that you need as a model so that potential clients know more about your body type and what you look like. These include a clear headshot and full height picture. If you are looking for lingerie / Bikini work then portfolio should also include a bikini or lingerie photo.

Yes. You must have heard that agencies require High quality pictures so that they can judge models easily. These days most of the promotions are done on Website and Social Media so best quality portfolio shots will give you an advantage. Your portfolio should show a variety of poses in different styles of modelling you are looking to do, but include a clear head face shot and full length shot to show your figure.

A modeling agency can help you to get work and represent you for potential modeling jobs that are required by clients. However, in this modern internet world, a large number of models are able to work freelance. If you are only looking for fashion modelling work then it is highly recommendable that you make your profile on where your profile will be shown to 500+ agencies so that you will be able to get more & more work.

We do offer portfolio test shoots for new models. We need models for commercial work at our studio and always require new faces for shoots. Portfolio test shoots allow us to find new models that we can book for future shoots at our own studio.

There is no specific look for glamour modelling. Most of the models come in studio with lot of doubts and now they have become best models in industry. So come and ask for a test portfolio shoot.

There are different types of Test portfolio shoots. The type of modelling depends on what you are comfortable doing. Our shoots range from Jean & Top, Jumpsuits till lingerie/Bikinis depending on the model. However we also suggest models for particular according to their Height & Stats.

An exclusive contract states that all work, including free work for TFP/TFCD, must go through the agency. No exceptions. An open contract on the other hand states that you are free to accept any offer that comes your way.

Dress professionally. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. For Actors, Models and commercial modelling applicants: Dress to impress, Business casual. High fashion. Catalogue modelling applicants Ladies: Please wear high heels, wear no makeup and bring your hair up in a pony tail, wear bikini underneath clothes. Please be prepared to take show your walk. Always wear clothes which shows your body in perfect way. Male high fashion and catalogue modelling applicants: Please be prepared to take off your shirt and show your walk.

Most models have relatively short careers. Though many work through their late 20s and early 30s, the average “retirement” age is still comparatively young. The earlier a model gets started, the longer he or she can work. For Model Search, girls must be ages 14 to 22 and guys ages 16 to 24.

Good skin. A great smile. Healthy hair. Long legs. A long, narrow torso. Most of all, models need an outgoing personality and a supportive family

It’s ideal for us to see you in person at our Studio or prior appointment. If that’s not possible, send two photos – one close-up (preferably smiling) and one full-length. The photos should be of you alone, and at least snapshot size. Hair and makeup should be very natural. Professional photos aren’t necessary.

Commercial models come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Some commercial models are gorgeous woman/ handsome men, and beautiful children, and many successful commercial models look just like everyday people. The individual who has the greatest chance of being chosen to appear in an ad is the one who can believably look like a mom, doctor, business person, plumber, student, grandparent, teacher, dad, etc. The best part about commercial modeling is that it is not necessary to have that “perfect” look in order to be successful.

While we can’t give you any definite career suggestion, here are some things to regard as: first, it actually depends on what closely you’d like to do. Working for a magazine, television show, public relations firm or as a stylist, clothing consultant, or photographer each need different talents that you should be conscious of. It would be supportive if you talked to a school/career counselor. They can help you to decide what you’d like to focus on and tell you about programs and schools in your area. Also, many companies offer internships or volunteer positions that would give you some hands on practice.

The garments come from a number of right designers from all over the world. We are continuously mounting our rosta of designers and countries where clothes are made to benefit limited communities in many areas across the world.

In the area of profitable print work, there is no age limit for modelling, from few months from births to 60 or more years! allows you to increase your chances of success and saves you time and money. Showcasing your profiles to different agencies will help you in getting more and more modelling projects. By posting your pictures on you are accessing a large number of top modelling agencies that are located all over the world. Our system matches you to the right type of agency looking for your profile of model.

It differs from city to city and from job to job.

No Agency can assure you work. Freelancer Models is a platform where models & recruiters can meet up and discuss the project and sign mutually. Freelancer Models does not give the guarantee of any modeling assignments.

In worldwide, models make about INR 500 – INR 5000 per hour, but it depends upon their experience. If you are new, then you may get little below than this and also it depends upon the modelling agencies.

Local modelling can be a great part-time job to put you through school or help you arrive at other goals. These types of modeling can often start with little or no experience but you should wait for to at least 1-3 months before making any money. We will clarify you how and where to get started even if there are no modeling agencies in your area. We will also help you guide clear of modeling opportunities that may guide to ethical compromise or even a sexual trap.

No company can guarantee a job placement to its members. As it all depends on his/hers portfolio and overall potential. However, the amount of professionalism we deliver gives you a great advantage in getting work. We maximize exposure, thus helping you to be noticed by the correct person.

Join in our community and get a passport to the world of fashion. Here, we publish news, fashion suggestions, tips, beauty secrets and everything that is needed for beginners and professional models. So, join our community soon.

Register yourself, create profile, upload images and wait for Freelancer Models team to approve the profile. Once it is approved, recruiters can directly request you for modeling assignments and you can also apply to latest jobs.